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Community Nutrition Education Program nutrition education assistants use evidence-based curriculum with first through fourth graders to teach in classroom and after-school settings. Schools must qualify with 50% or more free lunch student population.

The curriculum focuses on the key nutrition and activity messages and the Dietary Guidelines of the USDA. It consists of six lessons for 1st through 4th grades and helps address core curriculum requirements. To have an educator contact you, contact Jan Dawson at 918-746-3715 or by email.

Lesson Components

Grade 1 - Fun with Food and Fitness

Food Group Primer; Great Grains; Victorious, Glorious Vegetables; Fabulous Fruits; Delicious Dairy; Phenomenal Protein Foods and Food Group Power

Grade 2 - Food Group Express Topics

Get on Board the Food Express; Oats, Wheat and Rice Ride the Rails; Beets, Broccoli and Asparagus Coming Down the Tracks; Clickety Clack Down the Track-Don't Spill the Milk; Fish and Beans and Nuts-Go Protein; Groovin' and Moovin' Down the Track

Grade 3 - Building My Body Topics

Getting to Know the Food Groups; Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats; Vitamins, Minerals and Water; Reading the Food Label; Digestion; The Truth about Advertising; Delicious Decisions

Grade 4 - Choosing Foods For Me Topics

Serve Up Your Grains; Vegetables and Fruits; Serve Up Your Dairy and Protein Foods; How Our Bodies Digest Food; What's on a Label? A Closer Look at the Nutrition Facts Panel; Your Day Starts with Breakfast; Healthy Choices Eating Out; Keeping Food Safe to Eat