Shop - Reading Labels

Get the Best for Less

  1. Shop smart
    • Stick to your shopping list.
    • Don’t shop when you are hungry.
    • Look for coupons, sales, and store specials. Ask about a loyalty card at the grocery store.
  2. Get the best price
    • Compare products: look at the “unit price” listed on the shelf and compare different brands to get the best deal.
    • Buy in bulk if it is cheaper. Stock up and freeze family packs of meat and frozen vegetables.
  3. Get back to basics
    • Convenience foods like frozen dinners, instant rice, and pre-cut meat and vegetables cost more than those that require a bit more prep time. Save money by making things from scratch.
    • Avoid the snack food isle. Salty and sugary snack foods are expensive and unhealthy.
  4. Get fruits and vegetables
    • Fresh produce is cheaper when it is in season. But certain foods are low-cost all year: beans, carrots, potatoes, greens, apples and bananas.
    • Some fresh fruits and vegetables don’t last long. Buy only the amount of fresh food you can use before it spoils.
    • Opt for canned fruit with low sugar and canned vegetables with low sodium.