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Brian Jervis - Home Horticulture - Ornamentals and Turf / Master Gardners

Brian Jervis serves as a Horticulture Extension Educator for Horticulture for Tulsa County, and specializes in Ornamentals and Turf. He also facilitates the organzation of our 150+ Master Gardener volunteers. Brian may be reached at 918-746-3716 for appointments and consultation.

  Commercial Horticulture

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Kenda Woodburn - Commercial Horticulture

Tulsa's climate and soil provide ideal conditions for growing many horticulture crops. Pecans, peaches, berries, vegetables, herbs, Christmas trees and nursery crops are just a few of the commercial horticulture crops that grow well here.

Kenda Woodburn serves as the Horticulture Extension Educator for Commercial Horticulture for Tulsa County. A main part of Kenda’s work includes helping people who are producing pecans, peaches, blueberries, blackberries, vegetables or some of the other crops raised in Tulsa County. Kenda also works with individuals who are just beginning to build their dream of a small, commercial enterprise. Individual, on-site consultations are provided free of charge to anyone pursuing commercial interests in horticulture. To make an appointment with Kenda, please call 918-746-3717. Voice messaging will take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so just leave a message and she'll return your call as soon as possible.