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Cow/Calf Calculators

OSU Cow-Culator : OSU Cowculator is a Windows based Computer software program designed to assist cattlemen in making informed decisions associated with beef cownutrition. Animal criteria (such as cow weight, body condition, stage ofproduction and breed), as well as the feed and forage library can be customized to each operation or to specific scenarios within an operation. Animal requirements and performance predictions are based on years of research data,including the 1996 and previous versions of the National Research Council'sNutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle. - Instructions : Program

CowGame : Cowgame is a beef herd genetic simulation program. The player starts with a fifty cow herd and makes selections based upon weaning weight, feedlot gain or yearling weight. The next year's calf crop is generated during each session and the genetic information is saved so that future selections can be made. AI sires can also be used. - Program

Inbreeding : Calculates the inbreeding of all individuals in a given pedigree that may be stored as a data file or entered directly into the portion of the program that calculates inbreeding. - Program

PRECON2001 : Economic aspects of preconditioning programs. - Instructions : Program

RANCHCALC : can be used to input cow/calf and stocker information for an individual beef cattle operation.  From these inputs, the program calculates net operating returns and annual cash flow for the ranch under different production-marketing alternatives available to the manager. - Instructions : Program

X-Breeding : From data entered by the user, this program generates profit or loss by industry segment for purebreds, two-breed terminal, three-breed terminal, three-breed rotational and three-breed special cross. It is capable of using up to 14 different breeds of cattle. - Program

Cull Cow Calculator

Preconditioning Costs and Benefits : Preconditioning is the practice of preparing calves for the stresses encountered during the transition from nursing to confined feeding. The concept has existed since the large-scale cattle feeding industry first evolved in the late 1950s. The goals are to overcome the stress of weaning, teach calves to eat milled feed, administer appropriate immunizations,reduce sickness and increase the value of the calves to cattle feeders. - Instructions : Program

OQBN Vac-45 Budgeting Tool : The OQBN Vac-45 program is a preconditioning program that allows producers to third party verify their preconditioning efforts. This tool lets you estimate the cost of participation in the program versus your projected returns. OQBN web site : Program

Cow/ Calf Lease Arrangements : Equitable breeding livestock agreements can take many forms as parties contribute land, labor, management and cattle differently. This Excel spreadsheet assists in valuing contributions and evaluating alternative share arrangements. spreadsheet : publication

OSU Enterprise Budgets : based on Excel spreadsheet software. The spreadsheets are designed to provide a planning and educational tool that contains estimates of production costs and returns based on the current and/or expected economic environment as well as the management practices typical of an area.- see report examples : order Program

IFFS - Integrated Farm Financial Statements : generates financial statements—projected or actual—useful in decision making and evaluating performance. Projected statements provide insights into anticipated credit needs, cash flows, income levels, and changes in financial ratios, important information for both potential new producers and continuing operations. - order Program

Quicken for Farm and Ranch Management Records : is a popular commercial record-keeping package that is user friendly, inexpensive, readily available, flexible and widely used. Import options allow you to add a farm category list created at Oklahoma State University that matches the tax Schedule F, minimizing the effort required to develop a beginning chart of accounts. - samples : download manual

Wheat and Wheat-Stocker Production Planner : enables a user to describe farm-specific situations and to compare the economic consequences of alternative uses of land seeded to wheat.  It is a microcomputer decision aid program developed to assist wheat producers evaluate the economic consequences of alternative wheat and wheat-stocker production systems. - download wheat production systems : download grain-only vs. stocker plus wheat

Cow Bid Price Estimate Calculator : Users enter purchase price for cow or cow/calf pair plus information on future calf prices/weights, cull cow price/weight, number of calving opportunities, cow operating cost per year, financing requirements to estimate net present value and the rate of return on investment. - Program

Cow Repurchase Decision Tool : Spreadsheet tool to estimate cost saved and interest earned on sale proceeds between liquidation and repurchase date. - Program

Sell Cows Now or Later? : Compares opportunities for marketing cows now or incurring additional cost to target other markets. Especially useful for use in drought situations. - Program

Oklahoma Beef Calf Retention Decision Aid 2.0 : allows users to compare returns from retained ownership strategies to sale-at-weaning. - Instructions - Program

Early Weaning Decision Aid : Spreadsheet designed to compare returns from early weaning and normal weaning scenarios. - Program

Bull Investment Cost Analysis : Decision tool designed to help producers evaluate annual bull costs on a per cow, per weaned calf, and per hundredweight of weaned calf basis.- Instructions - Program

Monthly Cattle Inventory : Provides monthly and annual summary of inventory changes for your breeding herd. Program

Estimating Hay Value Based on Chemical Analysis : provides a rapid and economical method to determine the nutritional value in a feed.   Instructions - Program

Hay Storage Cost Evaluator Decision Aid : facilitates the evaluation of alternative hay storage systems, specifically, open storage, open storage with hay covered, and hay barn storage.  Instructions - Program

Hay Produce or Purchase Calculator : Livestock producers must choose whether to produce their own hay or purchase hay.  This spreadsheet helps organize data so an informed decision can be made whether to purchase or produce hay . Instructions - Program

Own or Custom-Hire Hay Harvesting and Hauling : This decision aid determines the operating and ownership costs of haying machinery and equipment and helps evaluate whether ownership is justified with respect to custom harvest operations. Instructions - Program