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Master Grazier School 2019
Pasture Weed Control and Sprayer Calibration Meeting
Beef Cattle Conference
Calf Age Effect on Weaning Weight
Fescue for Cow Feeding in Spring
Cow Herd Management
Fall Armyworms
Fall Gardening Tip
September Blackberies and Sericea Lespodizia
Soybean pests
Weaning Calves yields Premium for Producers
Time to Evaluate Cow Herd for Breeding Potential
Northeast OK Crops Conference
Bermudagrass Grazing Fertility Effect
2018 KOMA Beef Cattle Conference
Official ID of Sheep and Goats in Oklahoma
Sericea Lespedeza Management
Blackberry Control in Pasture
Tulsa County - OSU Master Cattleman Course Fall 2016
Osage County - OSU Master Cattleman Course Fall 2016
Meat Goat Bootcamp
Curt Pate Stockmanship Seminar - Sept. 24th
Cow Calf Winter Supplementation
Wheat Planting Considerations
Pull the Bull
Preconditioning and Weaning Calves
Oklahoma Gold
Implanting Nursing Calves
Forage Testing
Wheat Variety Trials
Feral Hog Management Workshop
Donations to Wildfire Victims
Bermuda Grass and Fertility
Don't guess -- Soil Test!
Fresh Egg Test.pdf
Replacement Heifers
Northwest Oklahoma Backyard Poultry Conference
Why Castrate?
Top-dressing wheat
Thistle Control in Early Spring
Close the Calving Season
Time of Feeding influences Time of Calving
Agricultural Landowners Seminar | Dec. 8th @ 6:30 pm
Fertility Steps for Bermuda and Fescue
Wintering Cattle on Fescue
Pricing feed 2015
OSU Master Cattleman Class Offered
Get Out and Check Pastures for Fall Armyworm
Oklahoma Quality Beef Network Fall Sales Set
Long term management to reduce eye problems in cattle
Considerations to Make before Planting Wheat this Fall
ATTENTION* - SheeplGoat Producers
Mosquito Control 2015
Foot Rot In Cattle 2015
Forage Harvest Guidelines 2015.pdf
Horn Fly Control 2015.pdf
2015 Hay School Flyer - Feb - May - July - Aug
Hay School 2015
How to Increase Daytime Calving 2015
Colostrum 2015
Quicken Training Offered Nov-13th-2014
Cowherd Management Oct-2014
Fall Army Worm Wheat Check 2014
BVDV Testing 2014
Pour On Or Injectable 2014
Firewood Tips 2014
A Pound Of Wheat Makes How Much Flour 2014
Farm Rodent Control 2014
Bermuda Grass Management 2014
Small Grains for Hay 2014
Cow and Calf Spring Money Makers 2014
Horn Flies Impact on Cattle Production 2014
Sheep and Goat Parasite Workshop 06-07-14
Spring Saddle Horse Care 2014
Breeding Success for a Cowherd 2014
Herd Bull Fertility 2014
Colostrum Supplement Or Replacer 2014

Archived AG Items


Corn Planting in Clumps and Clusters
Haying Wheat
Ag Soil Testing


Check Your Bulls
Weaning Calves
Beef Cows - Salt and Minerals
Cow-Calf Marketing Strategies
Springtime Storms and Livestock
Beef Cows Internal Parasites
Castration of Beef Cows
Calving Difficulty Affects Rebreeding
Beef Cattle Anaplasmosis
Effects of Age on Castration and Growth Implants on Calf Weights
Yearly Bull and Cow & Calf Mgt
Testing Hay for Protein
Pricing Feed for the Cowherd
Egg Laying

Water Resources

Algae Types and Identification
Algae and Aquatic Herbicides
Red Cedar Trees and Water Use


Summer Forage Testing
Understanding Hay Analysis
Forages and When to Bale
Hay Moisture at Baling
Pasture Weed Control and Stocking Rate
Bermuda Pasture Makeovers
Horse Pasture Care and Management
Revitalizing Bermuda Grass
Pasture Weed Control
Brush Control
Fescue Production for Forage
Broadleaf Weed Control in Pasture
Prescribed Burn


Thistle Control
Musk Thistle
Blackberry, Honey Locust and Poison Ivy Control
Cattail Control

Insect and Pest Control

Venomous Snake Identification
Bumble Bees and Carpenter Bees
Ticks and Humans
Fleas on Humans and Pets
Fly Control for Cattle
Ticks and Beef Cattle
Mosquito Control
Fly Time
Stinging Wasps
Horn fly Control


USDA CONSUMER ALERT: Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency
Eating and Keeping Food Safe During Summer and Winter Storm Emergencies
REFRIGERATED FOODS: When to Save and When To Throw Out
Selecting Tornado Shelters
Venomous Snakes Of Oklahoma
Grass Carp for Pond Weed Control
Storm Concerns for Livestock and Pets