FCS - Food, Nutrition, Health

Canning is Cool School
  - Canning, freezing, drying, pickling, and making jams & jellies!
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Canning is Cool VIDEO
  - Canning, freezing, drying, pickling, and making jams & jellies!
    Charlotte Richert and Tracy Lane demonstrate skills from the class.

Cooking Corner (videos)
  - Michelle Bonicelli, Family and Consumer Sciences Educator,
    shares food preparation tips and tasty new recipes monthly on
    Oklahoma’s Own News On 6 at Noon newscast.

 Diet and Diabetes
  - What is diabetes and what is a diabetic meal plan?

Feeding Your Baby
  - Breastmilk provides good nutrition to babies for the first year of life.
    Mother and baby will benefit from whatever length of time breastfeeding
    can be done.

Oklahoma Gardening
  - Fresh Recipes from OSU Food Specialist Barbara Brown

Portion Distortion
  - What’s the difference between portion size and serving size?
    Learn why potion size matters and how you can eat smaller portions.

The Egg Board
  - The American Egg Board – Home of the Incredible Edible Egg!

 Stretching Food Dollars - Food Shopping Starts at Home
  - Planning ahead and managing your money wisely can help you serve meals
    which are appetizing, easily prepared, and nutritious.

 Stretching Food Dollars - Shopping Choices
  - When the planning is done, you are ready to shop. Follow these shopping
    pointers to become a skilled shopper and get more for your money!

 Stretching Food Dollars - When Shopping is Done
  - Warm temperatures are the leading cause of food spoilage. This Storage Chart
    for Selected Foods estimates how long some foods will keep if stored properly
    in the refrigerator or freezer.

 Safety of Refrigerated and Frozen Foods in a Power Outage
  – Is the food in your refrigerator or freezer safe during a power outage?
    Use these guides to decide if food is safe to keep or needs to be discarded.

 Safe Handling of Raw Produce
  - Avoiding foodborne risk is easy when you follow these safe handling tips!

USDA's MyPlate
  - New food icon and guidelines by the U.S. Department of Agriculture